51 Short Haircuts for Spring-Summer 2019

Change the rules to make yourself even more portable. This is the short-cut hair-mission that for spring-summer 2019 chooses show lines, “fringes not fringed” and the gel for super sexy wet effects.

Yes to the disheveled effect, to the sexy nape, to the slick effect for the evening and to the small chromatic madness on the tuft that immediately makes us realize our transgressive side. The rules of the static short this spring-summer will all be outdated. And the stars, already a few months ago, are the concrete demonstration. From the platinum blond pixie of Michelle Williams, to the determined shave of Kate Hudson, to the asymmetrical headband of Katie Holmes, the short conquest for its unexpected flexibility.

The short cut, then, returns to the protagonist but with a new character: “The short haircuts for this season are more casual, less rigid, the woman must have the ability to move and model them as she believes even by herself.


“The easiest thing is that the customer can get his hands in it, and it must be dried quickly and even with his hands, this means that the hair stylist has made the right cut. Not only that, if the cut has the right proportions it also requires little brushing. In the salon we offer the “clip cut”, a cut that the customer can manage well at home “.


«The fringe combined with the new shorts is a fringe that does not fringe and caresses the forehead and must be light and moldable in many different ways, it can take the shape of a tuft or descend more cheeky on the forehead. Equally trendy but more difficult to wear the short fringe in the middle front, but in that case it is very important to evaluate the proportions of the face because if the first described fits many types of face the latter is very strong. However, in some cases it can make certain anonymous faces funny. ”


«The short hair should be dried at 90% because if the head is too wet the hair swells and the appearance is immediately old style. The plate should be used in very few cases: the natural hair that slides but also a little disheveled improves the appearance. For salon styling we apply, for example, Aldo Coppola’s Repaire Mousse, a foam that gives softness after the crease and makes the hair silky without weighing it down. At the end of the fold I advise you to spray less lacquer as possible because it makes it stiff, the gel can be fun for a special evening maybe to make a head all jammed backwards thus creating a super sexy slick effect ».

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