Bob Hairstyles

New hairstyles trends for bob hair.  Hardly a haircut keeps so much over the years as a trend hairstyle like the Bob. The classic cut is almost every woman, is versatile and easy to style. Even the stars love the Bob cut as a classic among the hair cuts with its versatility – let’s be inspired by hairstyles with Bob 2019-2020.


Whether bob head or pageboy, wavy or stepped, with or without pony: In a bob hairstyle of individuality is hardly a limit. Unlike the long bob, a classic bob closes at the level of the chin.

The hairstyle Bob is a classic hairstyle, but everything but boring: The right haircut for the Bob, plus the matching styling products make a simple hairstyle a convertible eye-catcher.

Bob hairstyles 2019-2020

Bob hairstyles are never out, after all, the bob is the classic hairstyle – even in 2019-2020, thanks to the praise and blunt bobsleigh, you will see it all the time. Stars and models like Alexa Chung, Nina Dobrev and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wear Bob – and we show what this haircut can do. Sometimes sleek-classic, sometimes with pony, sometimes with waves or bold stages: the most beautiful bob hairstyles and their diverse styling possibilities.

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