New Short Hair Trends 2019-2020

New Trend Short Hairstyles: Feminine, playful and sexy. A short hairstyle is any cut that is between rasp short and chin length. Who believes that one is limited in the styling is wrong. For hairstyles with short hair are very variable and individual. Whether rock, chic or romantic – really everyone gets their money.

Short Hair Styles

A characteristic sign of femininity is and has always been a flowing mane. But who thinks that short hairstyles can not look super feminine and sexy, is completely wrong. More and more women are dare to make a radical change. Everything is allowed from rasp-short to chin-length and there are endless variations.

The advantages of short hairstyles are obvious. Anyone who is tired of the endless blow-drying of his long hair gets a preference for himself with short hair. Not to mention that, for example, a Pixie Cut brings out a beautiful face perfectly.

Stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Kaley Cuoco, and Cara Delevingne made it – and the short hairstyle to absolutely timeless trend. What short hairstyles there are, how you can style them and which cuts are currently very popular, you will learn here.

Short Hairstyles Trend: The Pixie Cut

This chic short hairstyle really takes its name from a mythical creature. Pixie comes from English and means elf. But do not worry, you do not have to be as tender as an elf, because this short hairstyle really stands for every woman. The Pixie Cut is more than just short-worn hair. Combined with the combination of different hair lengths in one cut, this style is very versatile and looks super-feminine. Although the Pixie can be very diverse, almost all variants have a basic cut: the hair is kept very short on the sides and neck (often only two or three centimeters), the top hair is cut into a triangle and is often worn longer.

Short Hair styles Trend: The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut is the bravest of all short hairstyles: The hair is shaved to 20mm (or less). More and more stars grab the razor and dare to the trend hairstyle.

Short Hairstyles Trend: The Bowl Cut

Granted, you have to get used to this trend first. Once smiled at as a “pot cut”, today’s Bowl Cut is more than just a haircut – it’s a statement of openness and strength. The trademark of this short hair is the relatively straight cut around the head. The pony can fall straight or be styled sideways. Most of the hair ends at the level of the ears.

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