New Short Hair Trends

Are you unsure if short hair fits you?

It is always important to clarify the type question. Self-assessment is needed here. Am I more of a rocking guy, do I like it a little quieter, am I impatient or trend-oriented? After that, often the choice of hairstyle, because it simply has to fit the personality. The bob hairstyle in ear length with bangs fits perfectly with an extroverted personality, the classic short bob tends to be more classic types. And for the job, the hairstyle has to fit somehow. The undercut is perhaps not for the classically serious career, the Vokuhila needs a creative environment. For those who love the undercut: the new hairstyle trend is the glitter undercut. The mushroom head, also lovingly called Pisspottschnitt, is a great solution for those who want serious and rocking during the day. Especially with the stars very popular: the Garcon. With longer top hair and shorter sides, he is also an elegant short hairstyle for fine hair, which can be styled well. We also have ideas for short hair with pony – because they are so wonderfully diverse! Great examples of before-after hairstyles, we show you in our Brigitte refashioning.