Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Beauty-focused TikToker @caitkiernan posted a video showing viewers how to improve dull-looking tresses by making a hair mask with beer and eggs, noting that beer offers helpful proteins, and an egg’s yolk provides beneficial vitamins like biotin. The TikToker said that the combination of a flat beer mixed with two raw eggs leads to stronger and shinier tresses. She instructs viewers to put the mask in their hair, and keep their beer and egg-mask-soaked tresses in a shower cap for a half hour. The video ends with the shiny results: healthier, livelier-looking locks. Impressed viewers commented, “Oh definitely trying this” and “super look.”

Hair-focused TikToker @happipham shared a video of a slightly more involved beer hair mask. The TikToker started by showing off abnormally healthy-looking, long, silk-like hair, proving that the beer mask can deliver beautiful results. She advises boiling one or two bottles’ worth of beer, giving it time to cool off, adding two raw eggs, and stirring in olive or coconut oil. Next, the TikToker thoroughly worked the mask into the scalp and tresses and kept it all in a shower cap for a half hour — much like TikToker @Caitkiernan’s method. Then, TikToker @happipham suggested shampooing twice and conditioning once to complete the process, ending with silky-looking hair.

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