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KidsBeeTV is a safe and educational video streaming platform for children, with a selection of more than 5.000 fun, safe videos, tv shows and learning games for Kids. Includes popular kids’ shows, educational videos, nursery rhymes, phonics and lullabies for children from, curated by teachers.

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Approved by thousands of Parents and Teachers around the world.

KidsBeeTV safe kids videos streaming app has popular cartoons, songs, stories, arts & crafts, baby games, TV shows and carefully designed quizzes that teach numbers, colors, ABC, emotions and more. New videos added every week!

The kids video selection includes little ones’ greatest hits like simple songs, popular toons, animals, colors, letters, stories, arts & crafts, nursery rhymes and other baby, toddler and preschool cartoons.

Main Features:

– No Ads
– 100% Safe Kids Videos,
– Kids win badges on accomplishments
– Fun and interactive learning games
– Complete Parents’ dashboard to track performance
– Parental Controls

The most popular preschool cartoons are divided into categories:
• Songs (Baby shark, babies songs, nursery rhymes, lullabies, and ABC phonics)
• Learning (learn ABC, count, colors, shapes, feelings)
• Cartoons
• Stories (stories like Cinderella, Rapunzel, 3 little pigs for kidos)
• Arts and crafts
• Kids having fun

Includes happy and educational kids shows like:

Om Nom : Sweet tooth Om Nom is wandering around the world, eats a lot of candies and tries to find his Dream job.
– Learn Colors with Om Nom
– Learn English with Om Nom
– Om Nom Stories
– Back to School with Om Nom
– Om-Nom Cafe
– Om Nom – Nibble-Nom
Sunny Bunnies: Sunny Bunnies are five cheerful fluffy balls of light so eager to try new things that they end up getting into trouble all the time. But working together, they find a way out to a happy ending.
– Sunny Bunnies Season 1
– Sunny Bunnies Season 2
– Sunny Bunnies Season 3
– Sunny Bunnies Compilations

Molang: Molang is the coolest kawaii bunny around. Molang and best friend chick Piu Piu take on their pastel world with a feel-good attitude – spreading friendship, happiness, empathy and positivity everywhere they go.
– Molang Season 1
– Molang Season 2
– Molang Season 3

Truck Games: Four young Mini Trucks spend their summer in Trucksville with their Grandpa. He gives them all sorts of challenges, so they can grow up to be Super Trucks like him.
– Truck Games Season 1
– Truck Games Season 2

Yoohoo & Friends : YooHoo And Friends, the classic series of YooHoo to the Rescue, features characters inspired by endangered species – YooHoo, a cream and grey bushbaby, Pammee, a fennec fox and more. The show is all about protecting nature and team effort.

Pinkfong: Fun, educational videos that captured the hearts of millions of children. Pink Fong Kids' favorite songs and stories, including baby shark, nursery rhymes, phonics songs, number songs, bedtime lullabies, children's classics & fairy tales!
– Pinkfong Baby shark sing along
– Pinkfong Gym dance Songs
– PInkfong Car & Bus Songs
– Pinkfong Dinosaur Songs
– Pinkfong Musical Stories
– Lingokids
– 44 Cats
– Robocar Poli
– Fire Safety with Roy
– Daily Life Safety with Amber
– Traffic Safety with Poli
– Kit^n^Kate
– Tutitu
– Where's Chicky?
– Kioka
– Lea and Pop
– Singsong Band
– Bernard
and more

New TV shows added each week

Because all the videos are curated by real-life teachers, the app is completely safe to use by kidz, babies and toddlers.

Videos available in English and some also in Spanish.

All content is licensed and may not be available across all regions and countries.


Our mission is to reimagine kids’ screen time by creating an ecosystem that promotes active fun & learning for kids.


Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously.

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