Long Hairstyles

More volume for long hairstyles trends. As soon as we have a fashion week in London, Milan or Paris, we will be there. Of course we are not only interested in fashion, we also have a close eye on make-up and hairstyle trends for the coming season. So that you know exactly what you want on the next hairdresser visit, we will show you which hairstyles are announced in 2019 – no matter whether you have long, medium or short hair.

Long Hairstyles With Bangs

You want to change your hair color? We also provide trendy templates for you – with a collection of the most beautiful hair color trends in 2019.

These are the trends for the upcoming season:

Hairstyles 2018: Long Hair

Your long mane will be upgraded in 2018. These longhair hairstyles are very popular this year:

The bun. Especially when he is styled elegant. But the Messy Bun is and remains an eye-catcher for long-haired girls.

Stylish braids that tame wild manes, such as Dutch Braids, which are super awesome right now.

The sleek look is also on the trend radar. Either smoothed with a straightener or – the fast version – applied with gel.

Beachgirls will love this: Beach Waves just will not go out of style. We like! If you are not allowed to enjoy salt water, you can use a salt-based styling product.

Long Hairstyles Trends

Long Hairstyles 2018-2019

With these long hairstyles we present you refined haircuts for more volume, the perfect sleek look and the 2018 hard-to-say rocking styling for long hair. With smart styling tricks, you can also make long hairstyles with that certain something, just like the perfect ponytail. You can also get inspirations for cool color gambling for long hair here. Have fun with the long hairstyles 2018!

The deep side parting is styled out of the face and pinned. The slightly wavy falling hair makes the look on the one hand very glamorous, on the other hand, but also playful. A great long hairstyle for the first date.

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