The 10 Best Hair Colors For Women Over 40

The 10 Best Hair Colors For Women Over 40. Women’s hair models over 40 years. While the hair pardons with all sorts of experiments and even a failed tint does not harm the appearance, it becomes hard to find the right hair color at 40.

If the skin tone and hair color match, the hairdresser visit can be a makeover. Therefore, the hair color should be chosen only to match the skin type. If the veins in the forearm shimmer blue, the skin type is cool, with a greenish color, the skin type is warm.

Hair colors for 40 year old woman

Stars like Amy Adams, Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts show how the ten best looks work for women over 40.

Who can wear it? Women with a light complexion and a cool undertone of the skin.

Hairstyles for 40 year old women

The older we get, the slower the cell renewal of our skin, which makes us less radiant overall. Classic red with its reflections brings shine and radiance back to the face and makes the skin look years younger. The color also flatters the natural tone of the cheeks and is able to conjure youthful-fresh apple cheeks. Because not only the elasticity of the skin, but also the elasticity of the cheeks decreases with age. Red hair is a turbo rejuvenator, but also requires a lot of care. As soon as the beginnings regrow, must be colored again.

Best Hair Colors For Women Over 40

Which color is the right one? A color should be chosen that has radiance and protection from fading. Olia Intensive Copper or Movida Copper, both from Garnier, give the hair vibrant, glowing reflections and reliably cover even gray. L’Oréal Préférence 74 Kupferblond has a built-in UV filter and plenty of vitamin E to keep the color longer. Because red can also wash out quickly.

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