Thu. Oct 5th, 2023

Most people learn to shave their legs moving up the leg, against the grain of the hair. So it only makes sense that one would handle other types of body hair in the same manner. However, that’s not the case for the bikini line, which should be shaved with the same direction of the hair, says shaving tools company Hanni. That’s at least for the first pass over each hair. If anything is left it’s fine to go back over and do touchups using only short strokes of the razor to avoid unnecessary irritation. 

The reason for this directional methodology is that the bikini area’s skin is far more delicate than the legs or armpits. Plus, the hair itself is thicker, so shaving against the grain is likely to cause significant irritation. Don’t just shave through a lot of long hair, either. Instead, trim pubic hair closer to the skin for a more effective, closer shave. This will reduce the amount of razor swipes needed, which should cut down on bumps. You can do this with a pair of hair scissors, or by using a bikini trimmer or even an electric shaver. However, it’s absolutely on point to shave the legs against the growth of the hair, as the skin in this area can handle it, plus it will lead to a closer, longer-lasting shave. Your underarms can be handled with a combination of both downward and upward strokes.

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